July 4, 2019

416 Fire of 2018

Who Started the 416 Fire

If you are to blame a specific group for the 416 fire, the fault would likely fall on the shoulders of Smoky the Bear. With over 60 years of fire suppression, we have led our forests to be less healthy

Fire is an important aspect of the growth of a forest. Preventing fires leads to overly dense forests that are more likely to burn

Effects of the 416 Fire on the Community

The 416 fire may have brought your attention to your allergies this year, your respiratory issues, how much your coffee costs, the lush environment we see today and the sale of many houses and businesses in Durango


As we watch the re-birth of the forest, you will see growth within the community. This re-birth presents opportunities in many different ways

Intentionally create the impact you want, lead yourself to profit and listen to the natural flow of Durango. Many will enjoy the wild natural resources, trails and welcoming attitude that led many to love Durango

We encourage you to empower Durango and enhance that wild and free feel the 4-corners are known for

If you bought several properties in Durango and want to be innovative, you may want to rent out your properties to locals for far less then the going rate and fund your ventures elsewhere

Respect goes far further then you may expect