How to get to Heaven

Stop and help an animal that’s been run over by a car and they might just take you on the trip of a lifetime!

Everyone goes to Heaven

Guiding someone to Heaven is like a guided tour full of emotion. Angels may even pave the way for you to receive new clothes, a car or other materialistic items. It’s FUN

As a guide, the trip will present itself in a form you connect with the most. Angels talk with you in different ways. Some talk like the cars in transformers others use concepts from within your favorite movies. As they start communicating with you, you just know what’s going on.

Insight is amazing and trust me you won’t be able to stop smiling

Your guide will purge those fears and free you from the constraints you’ve been clinging to.

The timing is one of my favorite parts!

It’s magical.

It’s surprising and it just feels right

Want to guide with us?

👌-321-Let’s begin!

Allllllllll aboard!