June 8, 2019

Horse Gulch

Mountain Biking

Horse Gulch consists of an elaborate trail system and is home to trails of varying difficulty. Horse Gulch has trails for every mountain biker. There’s advanced downhill trails and easy, flowy cross country style trails

The meadow loop trail is quick, easy and flowy. Moderate/easy technical difficulty. Telegraph has a long, relatively steep climb and the progressive trail is a fun and more advanced downhill trail

If you are new at mountain biking, watch out for the trail wide bumps that could send you over the handlebars, towards the bottom of the trail system on the dirt road. The trail gets less rocky as you reach the meadow loop


Horse gulch is know for mountain biking. The trail system can be fun on foot if your comfortable hiking around mountain bikers. Telegraph offers an out and back distance hike and the lower loops offer quick 3+ mile hikes