May 22, 2022

The best entrepreneur in Durango, Colorado

By far

If you’ve been thinking I’m stronger than you, you are probably right

Contrary to popular belief being a hippy has nothing to do with doing drugs

If you smoke weed that often means your a stoner

If you do drugs that probably means you are a druggy

Sadly enough if you love the outdoors, you were probably targeted with some very aggressive propaganda over the last twenty years

How are aware are you of that fact… definitely just answer to yourself 🙂

On another note


One of the stranger things about living in Durango has been getting targeted by hateful individuals for no apparent reason. I often have had no idea it was occurring. It’s so creepy to be targeted and used like that

I spend so much time on my own that I actually forgot people could be that mean. I was badly hurt by aggressive doctors over the last ten years and have been working hard to recover from there discriminatory actions. The isolation those doctors forced me to endure has been so horrible. Knowing that those doctors haven’t changed their practices is almost worse.

It’s like they wanted me to be crazy

Me being their scapegoat seemed to be the foundation of their profession.

It was so weird. I was never crazy or sick but I did get weird on some of the drugs. It sucked!

Luckily the effects of those drugs are temporary and I do recover. It can take a very long to recover

On top of that, far too often as soon as someone finds out you’ve been through this kind of experience they immediately invalidate you and label you as mentally ill or inferior. This leads to the worst kind of isolation and it’s just not true. Interacting with people who are constantly invalidating you as person is taxing beyond belief. It’s also super annoying

After the first time I was tortured, I worked hard to figure out how they could provide the service they claimed to.

The situation I’ve found myself in currently is an extreme disconnect. It’s like most people don’t even see me for who I am, the interactions I have with the people I see most frequently have been superficial beyond belief

The doctors hateful actions were often so obvious. I was invalidated in all the worst ways and the extremely abusive doctors actions were never addressed or acknowledged. After they wrecked havoc on my body and life, I was left to starve. It’s stressful beyond belief

The thought that someone would want to make things worse for me was terrifying. It’s been miserable

Durango is such an awesome place, I don’t understand how people can act like that. Life’s good and it’s fun when psychopaths don’t make you a victim of their ego

It does not make sense to me

Another thing that was strange was when the City of Durango put out their own propaganda on street corners.

The version that said ‘are you tough enough to live in Durango’ was particularly irritating to me.

Especially since we constantly watch the homeless starve

If you work in an environment geared to help people, stop building your concepts off of discrimination

Grouping a bunch of low income people together may sound like a desirable solution to someone who does not want to be around them

That’s how problems that people can’t fix are created