August 11, 2022

Thank god for fundraising influencers

I designed the side effect of this website to help people think for themselves and naturally become healthier

I never write anything that is meant to hurt or be heard by people that don’t want to hear what I have to say. That’s why I want you to choose whether to continue reading or not.

If you don’t want to that’s awesome, if you do want to that’s equally as awesome!

Money is a huge aspect of health. Money makes life easier

Though this websites address is and is a guide to the best of Durango, Colorado, it’s not about Durango. This website is more of a book. This website is an ever evolving book about health, and how to reach the potential you’ve dreamt up

I want you to do things differently, I want you to not be compliant, I want you to think and I want you to speak without thinking. I want you to remember what it’s like to love. To be loved. People have been acting out of hate, and it is weird

This book is not written to anyone specific and it’s not about anyone. I want you to take what I’ve written personally, I want you to look for signs, I want you to read into what I say

Far to often people tell others to do the opposite and this is extremely limiting. Persuasive writing has plagued our culture for a very long time, it’s getting worse

Our culture has developed habits of isolation. a tag href=’Temple Granden’ alt=’Woman with autism helped develop more humane methods for farming cows’ Isolation a leads people straight into misery

My book is full of mystery, I want you to find the truths within you as I lead you to the amazing truths I’ve found

I want you to find connections without someone else playing any role in developing the connections for you. I want you to see how powerful nature is, I want you to know what creativity can do for you

I want you to communicate with the world around. Whether the world around contains plants, animals, humans or whatever else I want you to talk to it.

Freeing myself from dependency has been so amazing for me, that’s why I want to help you free yourself as well. I want you to achieve your dreams, I want you to get what you want. This only works with love, people that have ill-intentions will not succeed

I’m sure they wont and I have no clue why. It’s been years and I haven’t received a dime

Keeping my biggest impact secret is actually the most fun. The only hint I’ll give you is it’s the biggest, best impact you can dream up. Its happened and it’s only getting better

I don’t get it. Thats why I’m trying to capitalize off of what I’ve already done. It’s worth billions. The people that claim to know what I’m referring to don’t. Thats not the best part

I talk to lots of people

$0, I think it has to do with the fact that I am that good of a person, that I have always been that smart, that I cared that much

Knowing the people that could have been fun is the worst. That blackmail worked. The best part about rumors is that the victim of the rumors gets built up in ways that people dont even know exist. Hopefully its obvious at this point. Hopefully its obvious at this point that they hurt me that bad. That I am completely a victim. Hopefully its obvious that they tried to use their hate crimes to create a profit. Hopefully its obvious to you that I walked in the shoes of others to make sure that could never happen to you. What you see is what you get. People are jealous of me. They always have been. Thank God they could never stop what I’ve done, I pushed myself that hard, because it was THAT important. I could go on for years talking about ignorance and how people try to use deception to use ignorance to their advantage. In turn, hurting people who actually care, people who are always there for you, but that would subject me to a whole lot of passive aggression, so I’m just gonna stop now


Don’t take what I’ve written personally, unless you want to!

Sometimes it is helpful to use scenarios, completely unrelated to you, to figure things out. Personalizing what someone else says is a great way to do this. Really looking into their intentions, their word choice and the impact it all has on you. It can feel intense… so be ready for that



I’m human though, so of course I write with others in mind. The way you’d know, for sure, if I was writing directly to you; is if you were filled with as much joy, and love, as you could imagine… and at the same time you felt like you were getting the biggest spiritual hug from the universe. I’d never write anything to offend you or anyone else. So if it feels that way, you can definitely personalize it to figure your stuff out, but it is not that at all

Thank you for helping me create such amazing content!

Thank YOU!

I’ve always been super psychic

Lets clear that


so many have fallen victim to. It is

their fault

and its time to hold them responsible. Let them take the fall. Its all

their responsibility.

Creating an illusion

designed to lead people

into isolation

is a problem that needs to be immediately addressed and fixed permanently. No exceptions

As a human rights activist, I taught myself improv to expose discrimination. It can be really fun and its good for so much more than just shining light on problems

Creatively connecting with people can lead to the strongest connections that you want

If you ever hear someone say something weird about me, it’s probably because I was drawing attention to their nasty discriminatory habit. I did that for you, to help you clearly identify the classist system thats hurt so many. No one wants to hate, you are their friend, that makes you their best resource

Its my firm opinion that there plenty of people that are just as empowering as me! I’m awesome and I’m confused by the lack of support I’ve received. I’ve thought a lot about it, it’s been years of not receiving money the way I was intending to. Not a single dollar. I think it has to do with my desire to build people up without judgement and without expecting anything in return. Both are good things, but scary to people who want to gain power over the people surrounding them

Humanitarian fundraising

Humanitarian fundraising

Humanitarian fundraising! After what seems like centuries of thought Ive decided that this is going to be easier if you send people to my websites! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo much!

This is not a joke. I am a humanitarian, the work I’ve done is incredible. I want the credit for it!

Thats why I’m

asking you to let me into your life and tell anyone that tells you not to, to love

The hardest I had to learn was that their WERE people that wanted to try and make me not love. It took me years to see it because I can’t even comprehend that type of desire. It blew my circuits and pushed me to be protective on a level I didn’t even know existed

oh and of course this website is all about money. Making me money is just the beginning. I’m that GOOD. I always have been

That’s why (I never flipped, but I did get bored) That’s why I’m cranking this for you. This is happening

This is 777 asking you to send me more money than you have ever seen… for more than obvious reasons, this website has been designed to be quick fundraising event later evolving into a superfund for humanitarians, I deserve it and you probably want to work on lying to yourself if you think I don’t…

…Cant figure it out? Thats a great thing.You definitely should have known, that doesn’t mean you need to



Being real is always more important to me

It’s time, it’s time for me to get paid for all the work that I’ve done. It’s important that the tab never falls on the business, and people that I market for. This completely free marketing is designed to empower them. I do not want them to pay me. The goal is to create an energetic financial flow that benefits them. If you know people looking for work tell them about these businesses. One of the factors that gets businesses listed on my websites is great work environments

and back to my fundraising attempts

Luckily, the dollar amount is so high that my kids kids should never have to work. Leeches aren’t my style, so don’t send people my way who expect an explanation of the work I’ve done, prior to payment. If it’s not obvious, it doesn’t count. I think you’ll get through to them. Definitely send the ultra wealthy my way. I’ll probably never talk to them, but hopefully they fill my bank accounts. It’s the fairest solution I can


Oh god! Dont get weird about it, dreams are good to have. Good dreams make good things happen. Lead yourself to have more good dreams, and make those good dreams come true too. That is what I want for you

Thank you for making happen what I want to happen!

It’s TIME for things to work better

Thank you for bringing kindness and respect into both our worlds

Snap your fingers

The various coolaids I’ve created should do the trick

You can find them in the isles of your local grocery store, near the pudding. Just remember to flip on Pink Floyd ’ the wall pt 2’ preferably with pudding in hand, as you shop. Do not mind me if i get inti yourchead while yiur shopping, I make things go well. its who i am. Give me insight if you want things to go better. I want to help

If you haven’t already done so, watch ‘anchor mAn two’ when you get home. It should help you clear some stuff up for you

I’m more like ‘bruce Almighty,’ its just who i am, its who I’ve always been. Anyways, sometimes it’s helpful to clear any weird energy you’ve accumulated from the projections of others

I am telling you, people think some weird stuff.

Dont get me wrong, thinking weird stuff helps them figure out who they actually are, what they’ve actually been thinking and where all those very, very weird thoughts came from…its ok with me! it’s a good thing! and those weird thoughts stop after the person thats been thinking them gets the weird stuff that has been put on them, maliciously, off

so just give them some time. Think into them, get them out. those thoughts are not yours to take on. They have been weighing you down. An easy way to track the progress of your clearing could be to count the number of unwanted ’keywords’ that slip out when you are at happy hour. Come up with a physical sign to indicate forward progress and let the universe know how you are doing

People are not just a reflection of someone else, who has been asking them to comply, with the very weird stuff someone else has been projecting. That would be really boring and i mean really, really boring

Apparently you’ve gotten this far!

if you’d like to make us both money, watching the following movies will make our journey easier

Dr Strange

The Black Panther

The Tiny Map Of All The Perfect Things

and Oldschool

Lets have some fun!

The memory techniques used by big businesses to hurt people and create dependence can also be used for good

When I write something repeatedly it’s often a conscious effort to help you remember something. Sometimes it just happens, I think when it ‘just happens’ it’s also good idea to pay attention to the fact that I’m repeating as if it wasn’t on purpose. Within life everything is perspective and what’s labeled as bad as by one can be seen as desirable by another. The obvious fact that created this paragraph is that anything that’s been used destructively can be used constructively. Please only read, and go to my websites if you want to hear what I have to say. If you don’t want to hear what I have to say, know that I don’t want you to listen to me and that you do not need to know anything about me, what I have done in life, what I’d like to do, what I’ve created or what I have written about. This is true with everything else in your life. You don’t need anything else other than you. The more you become yourself the more this truth shines thru and It is amazing, so who ever you are, reading this blog straight outa Durango, Colorado I hope you find everything you ever dreamed of

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Now let’s get to know each other. This is who I am!