August 24, 2022

Store Front Open!

Welcome to my biz!

I’m going after my dreams so my business model is gonna look different than any you’ve ever seen. I have no interest in enslaving myself or others

Just like any nation-wide fast food biz, you don’t think of the owner every time you walk into their biz. That’s what I’m going for with this. Businesses thrive because strangers like the services they provide. I have no interest in using my friends or family to generate a profit. Of course I’m totally open to making friends with customers but an expectation for them to contribute to my biz would be insane

The content I write is designed to hook you, the customer of my international biz the right way. It’s designed to teach you to unhook yourself and live your dreams. The content is never about you or the people in my life, if it feels that way… know it’s not true(stranger, friend or acquaintance)

I would never do that to another. It has happened to me though

Any attempts to corrupt my life, or my business will not be tolerated. There will be 0 communication about this. I’ve delt with every issue in my life thus far that could have created discomfort for others. I have gone above beyond with this because I’m the kinda person that worries wayyyyyyyyyyy too much about others and I wanted to be sure my biz would take off! 

Being good to others is the most important thing to me…aside from being good to myself

Was never really a problem in the first place, but definitely covered my bases. Instead of ever trying to leech off of me just through up a tag on my insta! I want people to send you money!

[My dreams are all about living the fullest potential]

My parents are retiring this year, they’ve been psychologists for 40+ years and I’ve trained myself to help them retire

Want to help?

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