June 23, 2022

Don’t waste time in line!

Sometimes it just really needs to be heard!

Let’s get you out of the hell that people have put you in

That fucking good

Thank you for teaching me! Teach them!
Because I’ve been so badly hurt by people trying to make a profit, I’ve designed my profit-model around donations
Be impulsive!


One of the best things about being you is people cannot run experiments on you. You are never someone else’s Guinea pig. If someone forced this out of alignment, it will realign without you doing anything. It’s just how life works. It’s a story as old as time and it’s a good one

I hope you’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent trying to make your life more amazing

I want you to let me in

It seems to be healing to everyone involved. A great way to heal the trauma of others would be to send them to my website. Often times people have been so badly hurt they don’t even know what happened

One of billions
It’s all you, definitely don’t involve me. I like it better that way <$|: )
your light shines through amazing things happen. I am tired of waiting, but that’s ok!
T H A N K Y O U !

Know you have not hurt me and it’s ok!

I forgive everyone past, present and future but that does not make me your sacrifice

I think they tried to make me vengeful or something. It’s just not who I’m. It’s never who I’ll be. And it’s illegal if you can figure out what I’m saying. Never wonder if your government has been sabotaging it’s citizens. I hated starving during 2020. $800 a month was nowhere near enough to live on

I’d rather empower dragons. Let’s get witchy and watch the future evolve on our own timeline

Actually that easy to help me thrive

If you struggle to remember that I was hurt not sick, just remind yourself. I’ve been hurt quite a few times by the same group of people, despite telling them very directly not to do what hurt me in the first place

I always recover from the pain they forced me to endure but it SUCKSSSS when you aRE drugged under the table. It did get harder and harder to recover from their horrible practices each time that I was drugged for months at a time and had my money stolen

Channel 93.3

It’s just like that 😉

Welcome to class! Thank you for attending

Of course the worst druggings were years before 2020

That’s why part of why it is so incredibly annoying that so many people have checked out. I can’t figure out, for the life of me, what has happened to people

Compliant conformity seems to be the frequency that someone has been trying very hard to achieve

To be VERY, VERY clear I am the victim of extreme abuse. I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with people. I’m not saying that I think a zombie apocalypse has occurred but I am asking you to think about weather or not anyone in your life has a head on there shoulders

I’ve written about this to provide protection for myself from the people that abused me. They were like leeches, they’d justify their abuse every way they could and they wouldn’t listen to word I said. Watching them abuse others was one of the hardest things they forced me to do

They were ruthless. Of course they were never willing to take responsibility for the problems they created, and fix them, because they were at their j-o-b when they created them. Sometimes the artists you don’t know are the best and the problems they’ve been illustrating are the worst

Found yourself stuck? Real it in and harness that genius

Knowing that the people paid to do so haven’t delt with the issues that predators have been creating isn’t just weird, it’s toxic. The illusion of an inability to communicate (either through a projection of inferiority or self-justification) was one of their favorite tactics to prevent themselves from doing the work they were paid to do. The trauma of 2020 did not need to happen

It’s all about putting out that psychic energy. The more pictures you paint, the easier it gets! Sometimes leading to people to think is the easiest way to enlighten them. Some people just try to piss you off when you reach out to them, watch out for that

It’s weird


It’s good to know how to let negativity go

It’s like no one’s even HERE

It’s not something I just say

It’s something I do. I suggest you do the same.

People that are willing to manipulate you with any action you take are never worth your time. The easiest way to do a clearing is to ask Jesus

Thank God,

Life never works that way

And go!

Thanks for ending the worlds problems and leading people to focus on the opportunities that present themselves. It’s time to make people wealthy
Remember that girl named ‘11’ in Stranger Things… I’m a lot like her

Trust me, I’m not crazy… I’m just very, very good at everything I do

If that makes you want to discriminate, just close the fucking web browser


Truth be told, Spaceman Ian always comes through

I’ve always won the space race. It’s easier than you think

Yet another reason I’d like you to send me large sums of money…. If you have an abundance of it
Who am I kidding, I can be pretty oblivious. I’m sure the number of super heroes is exponentially increasing everyday. I don’t pay any attention and I certainly don’t make plans. Retire first. Pass go immediately. Collect Money for ever and ever. I think that’s how this should work. Let’s make it work this way
No Pressure
It’s easier that way
of course, I’m just looking for a new

Over the moon we go


And we are back!

Of course this has nothing to do with that!

So much of life is about being real when you want and whoever the fuck you want other times

Personality gets you places

Before we know it we are light years away!

Have fun and

Remember your worth