January 27, 2019

Snowdown 2019 Durango Colorado

It is very rewarding when you run past people driving down main street in Durango, Colorado barefoot. The funny part is most people probably think I am joking and you know I’m not

I’m that green guy. I don’t smash. Fear based media is preferred by many. There is no need to purge those of a different mindset, as there is no kryptonite

I want to take you to the next level

Tell your friends to add their Snowdown Art (official Snowdown art and their own work) and Snowdown Costumes to eBay with the tag “Snowdown Durango” or “Durango Artist” in the title. Let’s teach your friends something and make them money

Here are some Snowdown Costumes and Art

Here is some art from Durango Artists

Snowdown.org is your best resource for Snowdown events in Durango, Colorado