June 25, 2022

Remember how to play!

The pocket dial that can shape your reality if you want it to!

Location is key, can you intuit it?

Let’s speed up!


I’m sure you are… but it’s always up to you!

Catch the 4 Corners Gem and Mineral Show this summer… it wasn’t there, but what they sell may be able to connect you!

Turquoise is one of my favorite rocks to use, hold some in your mind!

Have no fear and remember all you ever want to amplify is love

You don’t even have to touch the rocks!

Connect with your spiritual guardians and ask the animals you like the most to help you

Anddddd go!

Land free and hit the water running. I often forget to do that part

Angelizing gets easier the more you do it!

How do you feel when you try to be completely creative?

Today I want you do come up with something completely out of the norm and do it!

The beauty of the ever-changing moment defines the flaws within a methodology that revolves around the past

Implementing new methodologies within your marketing strategies may bring you great wealth and a whole lot more freedom

Contrary to popular belief what we received in the past has nothing to do with what we want in the future

I think it’s time to help them fly and call me Swanson, or Swandaughter depending on whether your male or female. If your one of the salmon in the northwest US and you’d like to be called something else just tell me. I will forget, so do not be offended if I forget
Let’s rip the ground out from under them and replace it with a magic carpet!

That would be…boring