February 24, 2022

It’s Time To Launch!

Help me take flight!

TIme To Free The World. Send me money! The best chances you've had are the ones you've taken ; )
Everything is backwards, and I’m not quite sure why people are OK with it

Do you remember how to play?

I’m not sure you do. I was first targeted when I was 12 years old. I was then drugged out of my mind by a high paid doc for the next 10 years. This happened because my parents were too distracted trying to help other people and make a living. They were too caught up in trying to play the role in society that they were supposed to.
When I realized what was happening 10 years later the attacks changed. Force came into play, I was repeatedly abducted, broken down and addicted to drugs by people who made a living thinking they were doing good.
The first time I cleared the drugs the withdrawals were so intense I thought I might die. I thought for sure people would instantly see what happened (over the last ten years) and help me get back on my feet. I have yet to receive a single dollar in donations for this specific purpose

As a guide, I wore the customer life jacket to subtly show none of us were getting paid enough to do what we were doing. It’s not about a minimum wage, rather the value that’s associated with the time you’ve spent.
Keep this in mind if you are looking for work, within our current political climate it may be difficult for employers to hit that value. They’ve been trained since grade school. It’s not their fault

If you run a business, make sure that value is respectful

I want to effortlessly help people get rewarded for their kind actions… with money

You may think it’s happening, I can say firmly it hasn’t been

Watching the 21st century evolve has been kind of terrifying. I’m actually disturbed by how horrible people have become. Many people are isolated, constantly distracted and completely unaware of what they have been contributing to… or even worse missing out on

The problems people have been creating are completely unnecessary. It’s cringe worthy. The people who have been hurt by the careless are often left for dead while everyone else thinks they are being helped

With that being said I know anyone and everyone can overcome how they’ve been led to act

Life’s more fun when you connect the dots!

No matter how many different ways they say their drugs are best, no one should ever be forced to take drugs. EVER!

History doesn’t have to repeat itself : )

Durango needs more fun loving, hippy chicks. It’s a nature town. The trails are amazing and there are no pink jeep tours. THANK GOD!

Read into my experience if you need to soothe your soul and justify those multi-million dollar donations. I’ve done a lot more than just provide free photography and resources in Durango, Colorado

Got money, like lots of it, I want you to send me a bunch! The main thing I have been looking into the last few years is manufactured discrimination and the impact that it has had on our town

If you have a business in this world, check out DurangoAngels.com and amplify your creative side

Get Wild!

Durango, Colorado is best without technology

Connecting with those around you, and experiencing the amazing things Colorado has to offer is what the wild west is all about

I’ve done my best to bring that vibe back, life’s not about what you didn’t do. Live it UP!


I tried to stop the Covid attack on humanity a few years before I’d even heard the word Covid

It’s time to hit it hard!

Snow Dance!
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Ian Handley

Aim for perfection, I believe in returning the favor!