March 6, 2022

Prove me right!

I thought it would be easy for me to fund my recovery with the kind gestures of complete strangers in Durango, Colorado

I was wrong!

It’s 5-22-27 and I have yet to receive a dime. It’s been years and I cannot understand how people could become so horrible. I’m sure you see what I’m talking about and if you don’t I think you’ve been targeted with some sort of diversion tactic

It's TIME! 10+years Let's FLY! How to get to heaven!

Thanks in advance?

Oddly enough, every program I found to help me overcome the actions of the extremely abusive doctors was designed to force me to experience extreme hardship and then lead me right back to the creeps who hurt me with drugs in the first place. It can take years to overcome two weeks of their torture. Even though starving during the year 2020 was miserable, I learned a lot

There is nothing more annoying than appearing weird to others after some [insert proper term here] stabbed you in the leg with a syringe…after you told them not to drug you

The City of Durango did that to me multiple times when I was asking for help… I was not asking for a vacation to hell.

How does that make you feel?

Just one of the many reasons I’ve been trying raise money for my ventures.

I let that stuff go!

Imagine what I can do. I don’t respond to evil with evil.

I am tired of the isolation that they have created within my life and yours. I see it and I feel it. Do you?

I think the easiest way to end pure evil is with love!

If your city chooses to use propaganda to limit you, know that is what they have been trying to do. It’s my opinion that it’s probably a great idea for you to hold them accountable for their actions, but that’s just me.

< : – )
It’s a theory I have and I’m banking on it! The big fucking surprise is that I have been working hard to solve the worlds problems, and yes they have nothing to do with me

Thank You!

I’m not sure how it’s a surprise

Make my website go ‘ka-boom’ please!

It’s always perfect timing