May 1, 2022

Project Love

Huge thank you to the men and women who make this world amazing!

Connect with the people in your life and recognize that battle ended 2022 years ago.

Something has blinded people and it is weirding me out! If you haven’t picked up on it, I think you are more checked out than you realize.

Only the people who are paid to deal with that kind of bullshit have time to deal with it

If you are familiar with the damage that has been done to my life I would like you to help me receive full compensation for all of insanely weird attacks I’ve experienced. The people who were paid to do so failed the last ten years

Donations are my only approach

Thanks in advance!

Among many other things I tackled the suicide issue that plagued Durango, Colorado for years

My goal has been to build a profit while empowering the community and amplifying the good things in life.

What I found in the process is just how evil people could be.

One of the hardest things about being drugged until I couldn’t speak was the way people reacted to me after I’d been forced to gain 50 pounds. If you’ve been writing me off or worse trying to turn people against me I want you to know the damage you’ve done. Recognize that you were acting on behalf of the oppressive individuals who tortured me for years. My experience was beyond horrific and I want you to know it’s happening to many as we speak 

If you are ever feeling trapped by someone trying to isolate you for being yourself, know that there are always a million fish in the see

Then look at your hyper targeted ads

Jealousy frequently got the better of them and they would try to capitalize off of the fact that I’d been hurt badly. I’m tired of being one of the state of colorado’s experiments

If you’d like to help me thrive, send me money directly or share my websites!

I’ve always been an amazing person, any indication otherwise is part of the super weird persuasive bs

By selling with me you also provide the justice I’ve been seeking since I was first drugged out of my mind at 12 years old. Thank you for helping me finally have enough money to live the life I want to

Lost your personality? I want you to find it 😉

If you already have a personality, I want you to help others find theirs!

Life is way more fun when everyone has one 🙂