March 1, 2019

Offer affordable real estate rentals

It’s sad to see so many try to take advantage of inflation. Businesses lose the properties they have paid to rent for years and friendly people are unable to afford to live in Durango

By giving your tenants real recommendations to products or services, you may able to make the same profits and give reasonably priced rentals to your tenants. You will feel better if you are not trying to keep up with the greedy. By using, you can tell your tenants about that great TV, outdoor gear, commercial setups or whatever your past tenants really liked. The post office has made money giving new residents coupons for a while

If you offer short term rentals we are happy to help you provide customized trip plans on one of our sites to help boost your profits

People willing to spend way more than they should are often not as fun or easy to deal with. They often do not recognize the value of your property and will expect more than is reasonable. Rent has risen around $300 a month for residential properties and most increases of income in town have not matched the increase

We recommend that you wait to lower the prices of your rentals until you see consistent profits from the secondary source