December 17, 2017

Night Life

There are bars for everyone in Durango, Colorado. There is live music almost every night at least one of the bars. Friday and Saturday nights become very crowed

Bars in Downtown Durango

Historic Main Street Starts at the Train Station, or 6th street and Main, ends at about 12th Street and Main

Girls Night Out

El Morro is near The Ranch

Karaoke –> 8th ave tav


Calm Bar with occasional Live Music

The Office is next to the Strater Hotel and across the street from Ken and Sues

Historical Bar

The Diamond Bell Saloon is inside the Strater Hotel

Country Dancing

The Wild Horse There’s often a cover on weekends. The wildhorse is located near Main and College in Downtown Durango

Club Like Dancing


Live Music

The Balcony

Dancing and Pool

Pongas — New Owners and a New Look

A couple blocks north of The Balcony and Across the Street

High Class Drinks

The Barber and the Bookcase

College Bar


The Ranch

The Ranch often charges a 20 refundable fee on your credit card so cash is better and is across the street from Old Tymers. The Ranch has a pool table and Foosball table and dancing on some weekends

11th street station

Food Trucks, Bar and Dancing. Durango’s Rhino District is a block away from Thai Kitchen and Wagon Wheel Liquor’s or a block north from the ranch with a big sign that says Ernie’s

Off of Main Street


1301 Florida Rd, Durango, CO 81301

Small Bar

Home Slice

North: 2915 Main Ave, Durango CO 81301

South: 441 E. College Dr, Durango CO 81301

That Brewery Over by Taco Bell


Steamworks Brewery

Ska Brewing – Located in the Durango Tech Center

Animas Brewing – Located near the rotary park and the north end of Historic Downtown Durango

Carvers — Located on main Street Near Old Tymers

Tip Your Bartenders Well. They are all amazing