December 17, 2017

Mountain Biking in Durango, Colorado

Some of the best mountain biking in the world is in Durango, Colorado. Whether your looking for steep downhill, flowy single track, steep climbs or easy trails; Durango has it all. The best way to discover Durango is to explore Durango

Here are a few of the best trails

Horse Gulch

Most horse gulch trails are relatively easy in technical difficulty

Chapman Hill

Climb the college hill by starting near the Chapman hill ice rink

The Colorado Trail

Starting at the first trailhead near Durango, The Colorado Trail is flat for about a mile and then has a steady climb lasting several miles. Log chutes is a popular downhill trail. Many use cars as a shuttle for log chutes

Animas City Mountain

Animas City Mountain starts with a steady climb. There are many trails that go off of Animas City Mountain, including sailing hawks. A popular rock climbing (bouldering) spot and technically difficult mountain biking trail

Falls Creek

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Twin Buttes

Technically easy, with a long climb and flowy downhill


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