March 17, 2019

Mountain Biking Gear

Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes

Cross Country Mountain Bikes

Cross Country Mountain Bikes

Downhill Mountain Bikes

Downhill Mountain Bikes

Here are a few other things you may want from eBay

Bike Rack

Cheap or used bike racks can work well. Some racks lock others just provide the functionality. Locks can always be broken and bike theft is high in Durango. We recommend you register your bike with your local police department. If you leave your bike at home, several shops in town, like 2nd ave sports, rent mountain bikes


If you haven’t mountain biked before you will probably fall and you’ll get weird looks if you don’t wear a helmet mountain biking

Water bottles

Bike jerseys

Naturally, Fort Lewis Colleges’ best sports team is their bike team. Rep your college with one of their bike jerseys or wear a t-shirt

Clipless Pedals

We recommend riding without clipless pedals. Most people don’t need the extra 20% of force gained and will be better off not falling while stuck clipped in

Bike Shoes

Bike shoes go with clipless pedals. We ride with regular pedals and Salomon trail running shoes Salomon shoes have laces that don’t get in the way, they are sturdy without being too heavy, they’re often waterproof and they don’t have shoe laces

Small bike bump and a large bike pump

Some trails like Horse Gulch have bike pumps at the trailheads. It’s always a good idea to have your own

Bike Shorts

Tool kit for your bike

Extra tubes

Squirt Bike Lube

The best bikers can ride on any bike and riding with resistance leads you to be a stronger rider

Looking for a bike shop in Durango