March 31, 2022

Manufactured Discrimination

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The interesting thing about getting attacked with drugs is people stop respecting you.

When people are drugged, others want the person who is being hurt with drugs to be sick. They want to put an illness on them

If you find yourself in this position, the sooner you connect with the reality that you don’t have an illness, the better off you’ll be. Most often there is nothing consensual about the prescriptions being prescribed. A closed off, persuasive mindset is responsible for the dependence doctors are creating. Sales has no place in medicine….

In my experience is was the desire to be kind to others and bring my self down to their level that led me to get drugged. I was the smartest kid in class, fast as hell and strong enough to stand up to the toughest of bully’s. That’s why I got targeted

Dependence has no place

Been drugged?

It’s likely you are the victim of abuse, in more ways than you know

After you get off of the prescriptions you were told to take; by a very aggressive, controlling and disconnected doctor, people will probably want you to be stuck in that sedated state. It’s part of the cultural abuse that we have been experiencing. It’s like others want you to function at a low level eternally and when waste of space is a strangers favorite projection its creeeeeeeepy

It’s super weird and it’s almost as if they can’t see you. Check in with yourself and see if people in your life have actually been compassionate with you or just doing what they’ve been told to. I have been trying to raise money since 2018 to address this issue and have only received a small amount of money from family. Family has never been my target. In one night a hospital charged me $10,000 for their horrific system

Everythings backwards.

I’m kind, compassionate and strong. I have no idea where everyone else went. My best guess is that they have gotten stuck in front of their TV

The people who drugged me were struggling so badly that they didn’t listen to a word I said.

I’ve been running circles around everyone in town to try and figure out what the fuck has happened. I want you to start doing the same thing < : – )