August 12, 2022

I need help

I was attacked with forced drug use multiple times over the last 10 years. I’ve done everything I can think of to prevent this from happening within our community. I saw the future and asked for help… I did nothing wrong. I was extremely abused by many people and I have yet to receive any of the help I’ve asked for. The people who badly hurt me have likely made a living off of hurting others. I no longer live in Durango, Colorado because the abusive culture got so bad. I first noticed the culture going downhill back in 2014, it seemed like control freaks were damaging our town. I think their intention was to make the area more kid friendly and more suburban. It sucked! The town used to be so fun, relaxed and free-spirited. The actual result of the suburbanization of Durango was forcing cool people out of town, decreasing acceptance and making the town really, really boring. I’m sure Durango, Colorado is still a fun town to visit, or to live in at first but I want you to know, and look for, how oppressive the culture has become. Something is seriously wrong in Durango, Colorado

Never was their a reason. I saw the future and I asked for help. People that have read what I said have tried to use this against me

Multiple times I’ve been the victim of cyber bullying, people took advantage of the disability created with forced drug use and tried to hurt me more

I went to the Denver Police to try and stop the forced drug use within both of our communities, Durango outsorced the torture to other Colorado towns. I spent a month trying to get something done.

What I’ve learned is that people are much more interested in invalidating me as a person than helping me. They frequently project insanity or come up with pathetic rumors to isolate and take advantage of me