July 12, 2022

Hopefully this helps!

Ian Handley Durango

A simple prayer that can lift that toxic weight that people have been trying to get you to take on


Thank you Jesus for helping me to reframe my mind to benefit me, thank you Jesus for doing the work for me

Find the signs and connect the dots!

Someone telling you to be afraid is never worth your time. Ask for boundaries from them and the self-limiting concepts they’ve been preaching

And fucking fly with me, if you want

This website is perfect for people who are still struggling from the ptsd created by this movie, and those who overcame their ptsd years ago

Anchor Man 2, watch Anchor Man 2. I’m not sure if the people in Durango, Colorado have become very stupid or if they are pretending to be super stupid. Something is horrible off in Durango, Colorado. Now is the time to be extremely compassionate. Get them back on their feet.  Something bad has happened  The extremely disturbing disrespect that I’ve received for being myself is so disturbing to me that I want you to fix it. No questions asked. Any energy into the situation is not worth my time. Thank YOU!
You don’t need it, just like you don’t need any of that other stuff that people have been pushing on you

But it is here if you want it

Clear your head and hit the water running!