December 17, 2017

The Best Hiking Trails in Durango, Colorado

When you find a special spot, I encourage you to keep it a secret and only share it with the people you love Take control of your reality and let life work for you! Life should be easy, if it's not change it!
let people find it naturally!

I’m still trying to understand why and how I see the future. If you are concerned about a trail getting used to much talk about it. When you share trails naturally good things happen. This happens with word of mouth

Word of mouth creates the perfect flow

Next time you visit Durango, please turn off your phone and fill out as few forms as possible.

No one ever needs your data. Ever

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Pick a direction out of town and ‘go’!
Most hikes are moderate in difficulty and well marked. We have a few too many maps and could use some more karens. One of the best ways to find a good trail is to ask your guide

In true Durango style, let your intuition lead you. Here are some favorites that can handle people that don’t go outside

Animas City Mountain

Animas City Mountain has several trails ranging from 3-8 miles. The trails are moderately steep and fairly easy technically. The main trailhead for Animas City Mountain can be found near Zias North


Smelter mountain is steep and technical. The trail head for Smelter Mountain is located near Santa Rita Park and the visitors center


Bring the hippies back!

Twin Buttes

Chapman Hill

Go cliff jumping!

It’s doable when the water is low and there is no flood risk… land feet first, our drops are shallow!

Horse Gulch

The trails at Horse Gulch range in difficulty. The main trail is easy and not to steep or very technical. The main trail head for Horse Gulch is near Raider Ridge Cafe

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