December 24, 2020

Health Tips!

There are always an infinite number of ways to help me

Your subconscious is extremely powerful

Lock your focus on good, or what you love and good things happen. Let your focus get locked on hate and undesirable stuff happens

Shift your focus intentionally. If someone tries to harness or redirect your focus become aware of their intentions and actions. Ask your angels if you need help re-aligning the focus that drives your reality with love

The last few years have been so creepy I don’t even know what to say. The hostility that’s been radiating off so many never needs to be there. One of the most difficult things for me has been observing the victims of a self-suppressing culture. The fundamentals of persuasive writing have wrecked havoc on our society and made people boring

In an attempt to clearly illustrate reality,

I’d like you to know only a handful of people in Durango ever even asked if I was ok after I told them I’d been tortured and drugged in Durango.

Most just treated like a waste of space and gave me some label

It was super weird.

None of them offered to help me with the extreme costs of the torture. Even when I asked the people who claimed to do so. I never directly asked anyone for money rather directed them to one of my websites

Not one person in Durango has donated to me yet. So many have tried to hurt me for seeking help

I’ve tried everything from standing in front of the 1000 person democratic march in Downtown Durango with a sign to my website, to aggressively marketing online, to directly asking the Durango Chamber of Commerce to like my instagram post. I even stopped and asked Marsha Porters sign holders every time I saw them before she got elected. I never asked Jack. Always been super psychic

When people found out I had been tortured they all seemed like they wanted to hide my truth in the worst way possible. Im so fucking fast that they wanted me to have an illness, be weak or be weird. I’m actually super cool, I just dont smoke weed

If you’ve been tortured let it show. I know very well I’m not the only one

If people call you weird because you can barely talk from all the drugs you were forced to take they are not your people. Talk with more people

If they try to hurt you, they are criminals

Draw attention to the discrimination that is occurring in Durango and fix the town.

It sucks right now, I’ve never seen so many mean people

The sign at the fair grounds very clearly said ‘check color’…. it’s literally that obvious and the locals were eager as can be to get their pitch forks out when someone tried to help them

I was tortured ten times in ten years and the lack of compassion has been unimaginable. The impact has been extremely costly. I did nothing wrong and was attacked with drugs

I’ve been looking for multi-million dollar donations for the last 5 years within Durango and have yet to receive a dime.It’s weird and I want you to think about this.
I was tortured,
I always overcome…
do you think people are helping people
who are in my position or have they been letting them starve.

Drugging someone until their 50 pounds over weight makes no sense. Targeting them when they start to recover seemed to be the trend. Attempting to create misery and compliance within an individuals life should never be part of of a business model

Why did Durango embrace that concept?

Turning your back to someone asking for your help isn’t just cruel its obvious. Going out of your way to try and destroy the life of another is different. I’ve watched that reaction far to many times. I dont understand it. Definitely no pressure though

It’s not primal

It’s definitely trained

If you’ve thought you could build yourself up by breaking someone else down you are wrong

I think the lack of compassion is primarily related to what people have been consuming… or filling their life with

By marketing my websites you help me draw attention to the extreme corruption and abuse I experienced. I have no desire to lead the people that tortured me to suffer but I do want them to stop hurting people

Slavery ended years ago, why is there a focus on a minimum wage that fuels a caste system

Market my website and you also help me effortlessly receive compensation for the years of pain and suffering I was forced to endure. I plan on generating that money through donations

There are still good people in this world. Find them!

If you are ever the victim of extreme abuse, talk to strangers. They will help you!

Just in case my explanation of the abuse I was a victim to has clouded your view of me, remember I always overcome. They hurt me badly, I keep getting better and their abuse has not defined me. Waiting for their abuse to define me will not work

Distracted, worn out and caught up with illusions. I want you to connect with yourself!

Always Awesome?

This is ‘Van Wilder’

In an attempt to bring greater clarity to your life,

I’m ready to watch you light up the world with your love. Let fun be your driving force and love be your compass

If you need further guidance I suggest you ask your spiritual guardians < : – )

Boundaries Please!

Go off trail!

For the next 80 years

That peace and love concept they sold sounds like just what we need

Flip on Porky’s, watch The Tiny Map of All the Perfect Things and then hit the trails!

Some billionaires are really really cool!

Life’s about all the fun you’ve had

Everything like an update 🙂

One of the most powerful things I’ve learned to free myself from dependence is to consume intentionally

One of the quickest ways to start doing this is to leave your phone at home and turn off your TV!

Persuasive writing has plagued our culture for a long time. Separate yourself from the pack, get centered and live your best life

: )

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Nature always provides the best timing