January 25, 2019

Personal Training Videos

The easiest way to get fit is to just go outside and enjoy your workouts. Start hiking, take the dogs or call up a friend

Wherever you are there are always opportunities for exercise. People will give you weird looks if you are creative. Creativity will lead to increased strength and fitness. Just as interval training is a creative approach to increase your pace, putting a pull-up bar in a doorway and doing three pull-ups every time you pass the doorway will lead to increased strength

You can be way stronger

Don’t get caught up in “have to’s”. You do not need to lift a certain way, you do not need to run a certain way and you do not need that 10,000 dollar bike to ride La Posta

Just as there is an infinite number of solutions to a problem, there is also an infinite number of ways to work out. Listen to your body, go slow at first and get creative. You might surprise yourself when you take off your shoes and start running

If you find you “have to” work out on certain days or feel bad if you don’t work out, note the fact that you may have an addictive cycle occurring with exercise and address it. One technique would be to ask your self what seemingly unconnected life stuff may be causing you to feel the need to work out. Then take actions to free yourself from the addiction

You don’t need supplements of any kind. You don’t need as many rest days as you were taught. When you are tired, do something else; watch a movie, sit downtown and people watch or call up a friend. When you are hungry, eat and listen to your body. If you want junk food maybe you should eat more carbs, if you want a salad maybe you should eat more greens. After a while of working out consistently, you will find you there is no need for dieting

Whether you are mountain biking, rafting, skiing, running or lifting don’t be afraid to take it easy. Fly down a trail on your mountain bike on your first ride and you are asking for trouble. You will probably fall and hopefully, your bike tech did not sell you on clipless pedals.

On those days you are just not feeling it, listen to yourself

Studying Exercise Science at Fort Lewis College or just work out all the time?

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Live Personal Training Workout Streams would be awesome as well

Here are a few examples of how the pros do it

Workout Routine for Abs and Upperbody

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