January 24, 2019

Happy Healthy Living

How to LIVE a happy and healthy life, from a Durango local. It’s pretty simple! The main thing is being yourself, that can also be the trickiest part

Without a trainer or supplements, I’ve run a mile in under 4 minutes barefoot. Want to get there too? Let fun drive your focus and Connect Yourself!

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#selfie Sell it for me!

The funny truth about many of my posts is that they were created while I was lifting 300+ pounds

It’s just who I am!

I wrote the following quote years ago in response to the weird signs that popped up all over my town –> ‘Just remember you have always done your part’ and the universe wants you to break out of the lines and be yourself!

Self-limiting propaganda has no place any where near us

L (earn)

If you think I’m trying to influence you in any of your political decisions you are wrong. I don’t follow politics. It’s February 28th, 2022 now, governor of Colorado and I have made it easy for you to make a huge impact in human rights! If that doesn’t make you think I’m not sure what can 🙂

It’s TIME!