February 11, 2020

Durango Adventures

Millions : )
I want you to hit it as hard as you possibly can and make good dreams come true!

Here are a few of my favorite tour groups in Durango, Colorado


Mountain Waters Rafting

Colorado Outback Adventures

Durango River Trippers

Southwest Whitewater

Thinking of guiding this next summer? Pick a company that cares about your well being. The owners of these businesses seemed to put their heart and soul into what they do.

Raft guiding was best job I ever had!


Durango Adventures and Zipline Tours

Historic Tours

Ghost Walk Durango

A good guide sets the dynamic for the rest of your trip. Live it up and tip them well!

Are you ready to take flight?

If we don’t list your business and you are interested in having us link to you ask us!

Our main requirement is that you treat locals well! I like to do things psychically

The issues Durango, Colorado has faced in recent years are obvious and completely unacceptable. The lack of action to address these known issues is also completely unacceptable. Be The Proof that there are still good people in this world!

Its time to bring that fun mountain town vibe back. Stop working so hard and let life work for you. Filling a greedy business owners bank account is a waste of time

Durango is fun because its the wildest part of Colorado!

Try and tame Colorado and you let everyone down

One of the main things I look for in a business is that the employees have good schedules/pay that leaves them feeling empowered to live the life they want

If you are ecstatic about the outdoors plan a trip to Durango! It’s the wildest part of the west

It’s not worth the trip : )

People tip more when you don’t sell them shit

The biggest impact you can make is telling people where to go. Act intentionally and make that impact a good one!

The best kept secrets will always be found by those who are meant to find them. Keep them hidden, live IT UP and put that map down… You never needed it : )