December 25, 2020

Love Durango? Give to the Businesses and People You Love

Empower the people who have empowered you. Give to others, without asking anything in return and let go of energetic weight associated with money. An expectation of action from another individual is ultimately unrealistic. Actions ‘for’ others are taxing for anyone to perform an action ‘for’ someone else. Let go of all forms of dependence and I’m betting you’ll feel free.

How to give to locals in Durango, Colorado

Search for the people who made your trip amazing and send them money! I was a raft guide for years and there was nothing better than getting huge tips

If you are interested in Donating Cash check out

If invest locals business has always been your style, talk to them. People that live in Durango, Colorado are smart and always looking for new ways to thrive

Christmas gift recommendations. How to give the gift of endless travel

When kindness drives your reality, you’ll find actions are effortless and what you create sub-consciously is amazing