August 11, 2020

Face Masks

Just like I know you should fire a doctor who tells their patients to take drugs that put them at risk for becoming diabetic, I don’t think you should wear a face mask. None of the approaches tending to the Corona Virus/Covid-19 have made sense. In Durango, we were bombarded with propaganda supporting a singular perspective that revolves around fear, lack, and dependence. Despite what the press said, Durango businesses were open during 2020, if they wanted to stay open and you were only quarantined if you quarantined yourself. If I saw you on the trails with a mask on I was laughing and cringing at the same time

Being direct, strengthening your immune system, and naturally building immunity makes sense to me. It is illegal for businesses to ask why you can’t wear a mask if you aren’t wearing one for health reasons. Discrimination is discrimination, hate is hate and suppression can turn into oppression. If someone treats you poorly because you chose not to wear a mask, speak up!

If your employer requires you to do things that damage your health, I’d quit. That employer does not have your best interest in mind

If you really want to wear a mask… create your own and at the same time help us provide free photography and resources by using the following link

Order your customized face mask with photo or design!

As always, the reality is you have everything you need to be happy, successful, fulfilled, and healthy. Your body always knows what to do and there are always infinite solutions.

Don’t let a creepy doctor tell you otherwise 😉

If you are sick of the creepy stuff, talk to me about it. Literally. I’d love to hear what’s happened to you. I don’t do surveys

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