August 12, 2022

End Forced Drug Use Now

I designed the side effect of this book to effortlessly lead people to be healthier and connect with their own inner wisdom. Culture is important and so are you. What others have been telling you to do isn’t important, it never is

Let negativity sluff off and harness what you love about life. Being targeted all summer because someone attacked me on the internet is not something that should be able to occur. I’ve lived in Durango for the last 14 years and I was practically killed back in 2021 with forced drug use. That’s why I was attacked on the internet, I spoke up! I was attacked by the cult of psychiatry, what people have been doing is so incredibly stupid and wrong. They are still damaging my credit

Under no circumstances is a school worth taking drugs for. A school that’s willing to force you to take drugs will destroy your life just as quickly as the drugs will. The last time I got stabbed in the leg with a needle, I said ‘no, don’t drug me,’ –I need to be able to communicate– 4 times! I was paralyzed on a hospital bed a half hour after. I then gained 50 pounds in two weeks because people value their wallets more than me

I have yet to loose the weight. It is miserable, it is painful and it’s isolating. It’s so pathetic and I did everything I could possibly think of to stop people from drugging me. I see the future for Christ’s sake, that’s literally how fucking hard I’ve worked to not get drugged

God rewards people that care, hopefully this becomes very, very clear to you. Caring is not something you can be told to do and it’s definitely not something you can claim to do if you care less or tell others to do. It would never be genuine. Genuine just happens

People jsut sat back and watched me get tortured. Probably cheered when I left because I tried to talk them out of torturing me, they probably found my desire to ask for help annoying. That’s probably why they treated me so fucking bad. Starving has not been fun

Please, please, please make my asset column sky rocket, I’ve been tortured far to many times to ever consider working for an abusive employer again. My time is valuable

People are so gullible right now it is TERRIFYING, do not get in line by 3, that is the worst idea ever!

Nothing has been done to address this, people have just been trying to hide me and their truth…they hurt me…bad. Life is far more fun when your are real about what has been occurring

I think it’s important to know how bad things have gotten in Durango because so many of the people that claim to care don’t give a FUCK. I like to contribute intentionally. Supporting abuse creates abuse. Hopefully this helps you empower the amazing people in Durango and lead to balance within the community to occur…it’s gotten so horrible

And now onto the good stuff!

I was attacked with forced drug use multiple times over the last 10 years. I’ve done everything I can think of to prevent this from happening within our community. I saw the future and asked for help… I did nothing wrong. I was extremely abused by many people and I have yet to receive any of the help I’ve asked for. The people who badly hurt me have likely made a living off of hurting others. I no longer live in Durango, Colorado because the abusive culture got so bad. I first noticed the culture going downhill back in 2014, it seemed like control freaks were damaging our town. I think their intention was to make the area more kid friendly and more suburban. It sucked! The town used to be so fun, relaxed and free-spirited. The actual result of the suburbanization of Durango was forcing cool people out of town, decreasing acceptance and making the town really, really boring. I’m sure Durango, Colorado is still a fun town to visit, or to live in at first but I want you to know, and look for, how oppressive the culture has become. Something is seriously wrong in Durango, Colorado

I like to lead with who I am and what I have overcome. If you’d like to learn how I conquered in this world click this next picture! I did it for everyone who didn’t believe me. Making dreams come true is what I do best!

Thanks for the shoutout!

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for not being what other people wanted me to be. I’m sorry for not being who they thought I was. I never watched the movie thirteen reasons why because I hated that concept. I will never be what other people want me to be. I’m kind, loving and compassionate. I love who I am and I can’t stand when people try to corrupt me or my voice

Being censored with forced drug use because I am a good person was the WORST. I was never sick, but I was badly hurt by forced drug use. I’m sorry that people thought they could enslave me. I’m sorry that I refuse to suffer. I’m sorry that people supported people that thought they could enslave me. Please forgive them, please treat them well and please figure out who else they tried to manipulate because that wasn’t just weird. Please hear my sorry if you need to hear it. If you need to hear me say sorry, something is wrong and I would never have wanted you to feel like you needed to hear me say sorry in the first place

I would never want anyone else to hurt they way I have. Being held against my will and drugged for months at a time was the WORST. I don’t even vote. Want to help me with marketing and fundraising?

Donations only please, this cause is pure!

I’m sorry for apologizing for the actions of others. Its something I frequently do, hopefully it helps them give to me , finally

Anyways it’s nice to meet you! That’s my sob story, let’s make some money and have fun being creative. I think people have become far to compliant for their own good and I’ve been way to bored after sharing my sob story. Don’t judge me for getting hurt by some Nazi like doctors. History repeats itself and it is not my fault! I did my best to empower everyone involved, anyyyyyways I’m gonna move on now. Hit me up if you move at my speed!

A projection of insanity is never my responsibility and neither is an attack on me. Thanks in advance for the help, it’s been four years since I started trying to recover financially from the damage and I have yet to receive a dime!