February 12, 2020

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I provide free photography and resources in Durango, Colorado

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If you don’t love it. It’s not worth it

My goal is to empower the people I come in contact with and at the same time empower Durango’s wild side.

Durango needs more tie dye! Hippies are welcome and way to hard to find in Durango. Something has happened and durango is starting to look more and more like suburban city. Our bars used to be really fun. I encourage you not to tend to the groups projecting hate. I went to a comedy night recently and it was horrible because it was so far from traditional durango experience

The assets of Durango are free, so good businesses do it well and don’t charge much.

Let us know if you offer good prices for people visiting the area! If you don’t we are really not interested in your services. Durango has a problem with price gouging

If you have a business in Durango, check out DurangoAngels.com and amplify your creative side

Nature, ancient cultures and extreme sports are just a few of the things that make Durango amazing. I’ve found the best way to experience all of these is to trust my intuition, explore and find more of what I love.

Stay Wild

Being present in your life is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. On your trip to Durango, I’d suggest you turn off your phone, computer and television.

Durango, Colorado is best without technology.

Connecting with those around you, and experiencing the amazing things Colorado has to offer is what the wild west is all about

Make my day and create an impact within my life! I can only hope that I’ve done the same for you!


Ian Handley