February 12, 2020

It’s time to launch

In an effort to stop the discrimination that’s been occurring in Durango, Colorado, I’ve provided free photography and resources in Durango, Colorado, for years. People who think a certain way have been purged from Durango. I want you to address this : )

The outdoors are where it’s at!

Durango is a fun place to live because we typically don’t have the self-suppressing bullshit that’s prevalent in cities. If you live in Durango I want you to come up with 5 friends that have been forced to leave Durango. It’s happened to me almost 10 times in 10 years. It started when I got a ticket on my bicycle for turning right at main and college. I fought the ticket and told the judge that cop was profiling college students. He added 20 bucks to the ticket and told me he could do a lot worse. That cop had me handcuffed in the back of his cab while he wrote that ticket. I even put my feet down at the light. I was forced to leave Durango when I tried to use our health care system to stop crimes from happening in the future. I have the gift of powerful insight and I love to use it for good

Crank IT UP

I’d never even seen that movie

Help me take flight!

If you don’t love it. It’s not worth it

My goal is to empower the people I come in contact with and at the same time empower Durango’s wild side.

Durango needs more fun loving, hippy chicks. They are way to hard to find in Durango. So many people are high and working really hard. The town has gotten very boring. It’s really annoying. Something has happened!!

Durango is starting to look more and more like a suburban city. It’s terrifying! Our bars used to be really fun. Our town used to be bold. If you want to live in the suburbs find some

I encourage you not to tend to the various groups projecting hate

Let them leave! Encourage them to leave. Pay your employees and dont steal from them with a tip pool. A minimum wage will never be enough to live on, its how our economy works. Want money? ditch that employer paying industry standard

The assets of Durango are free. Good businesses do it well and don’t charge much. Capitalize on what your good at and ask your customers less!

Let us know if you offer good prices for people visiting the area, it’s important! Durango is a budget town and it wouldn’t be fun if it wasn’t. Can you imagine if they had developed horse gulch? that would have been horrible! Durango doesn’t need more developments. It’s obvious how destructive their ego can be. It’s a strange reality when people are too high to do anything about the oppressive attacks on our culture.

Life is way more fun when people think for themselves


If you don’t offer good prices on your services we are really not interested marketing for you. It’s past 2020 and Durango has a problem with price gouging. Taking advantage of people after 2020 is like kicking them when they are down, it doesn’t matter what business you are in.

If you have a business in Durango, check out DurangoAngels.com and amplify your creative side

Nature, ancient cultures and extreme sports are just a few of the things that make Durango amazing. I’ve found the best way to experience all of these is to trust my intuition, explore and find more of what I love. If you don’t love nature, skip the trip to Durango, Colorado! Nature is what makes our hidden town an amazing place to live in

Stay Wild

Being present in your life is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. On your trip to Durango, I’d suggest you turn off your phone, computer and television… and keep them off. fill out as few forms as possible and tell employees when they ask you to do work for them. its weird. it’s annoying. and it has been spreading all over town like a plague!

Durango, Colorado is best without technology.

Connecting with those around you, and experiencing the amazing things Colorado has to offer is what the wild west is all about

Let’s ski!

Smile! I’m asking you to raise money for me!


Ian Handley