September 25, 2019

Connect Yourself

Posted Summer of 2016

That episode in Tru Blood, where all the resident’s eyes glaze over and they all start acting the same way, starts to look more realistic as people become more addicted to technology

Technology can be anything you use that comes from an external source. It could be the clothes you wear, the phone in your pocket or your computer

Tips to address that mass distraction

-Turn notifications off on your phone (For everything, phone calls, text messages, apps, news, etc) and act with intention. If you don’t want to turn off notifications for everything, identify some apps you’d like to have notifications for

-Wear headphones while you shop in grocery stores that play music while subliminally selling you on concepts and products

-Create your own firewall by plugging all of your tech devices into a surge protector and turning them off with push of a button

-Stop answering emails from people you don’t know. AI bots pull info from sites like linked in and successfully sell to high paid CEOs by referencing recent personal info with the push of a button. Those spam emails also gather more info then you can imagine

-Start thinking of your phone as a home phone of the past and recognize that even if you are talking to someone on a smartphone from a flip phone your data will still be mined. If your phone is not connected to WIFI it is logging your data and sending it later. Ditch the media, you’ll feel better and notice how much you have been missing

-Pay attention to the businesses that attach your credit card to your phone number. If a business is texting you deals automatically when you use your credit card they are likely tracking your purchases and marketing to you in many ways

-Turn your phone off at night

-Pay attention to subliminal advertising. If you like orange juice and your daughter hates orange juice and she starts talking about orange juice that you’d probably like, adjust your hyper-targeted advertising preferences and tell her about how she can do the same. You may not be too happy about what ads her friends are regurgitating to her without thinking twice. Ditch the media, you’ll feel better and notice how much you have been missing

-Ditch the news. Get your news by listening to that come into your life. You will be smarter, more clear headed and easily see through concepts that that’s constantly sold to people. You can prevent yourself from unknowingly suppressing yourself. Ditch the media, you’ll feel better and notice how much you have been missing

-Identify propaganda and the intentions behind the material. Ditch the media, you’ll feel better and notice how much you have been missing

-Ditch the battle to persuade and encourage others to do the same. Democracy is not about who’s propaganda is best. Nothing is more annoying then selling people stuff they don’t need. Ditch the persuasion techniques idolized in school

-Don’t know what your intention is? Define your intention. Build your foundation for acting with intention. Find your passions and hobbies. Define yourself. Talk to people, push the limits, build a creative mindset and have fun! Life can be very fulfilling and you get what you want in life. Go after it!

-You are not punished for your actions. Life is not like that. You get infinite chances. Punishment is a fear-based concept and a government may try to use it to control you. No one can control another person. People have been trying for thousands of years and they always fail. You have infinite chances, it can take time to do things well, and there are an infinite number of ways to solve a problem. Life does not punish an individual for taking action, quite the opposite is true. Take action

-If you are feeling like you can’t take a breath without having a negative impact on the world, you may want to start thinking about how much you have been limited, what you have been missing out on and who may have been thinking they benefited by limiting you

-Build your immunity by washing your hands less, using non-chemical soaps and chemical-free cleaning supplies. Germs and bacteria are good. So is building immunity.

Listen to your intuition and think for yourself