March 21, 2022

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One of the ‘stranger things’ about being a super hero was never getting paid. I single ‘hand’idly reshaped the pharmaceutical industry and I did it to save the planet 😉

If you are way more like Eleven than anyone wants to admit, be way more like Eleven

When you see businesses implement my ideas, I encourage you to en(sure)[However, don’t waste time on that… stealing your time and energy is one of their biggest hooks. People are paid very well to deal with that kind of BS] they pay me for them and tell them thank you for me!

Quick note about payments

It’s the freedom from energetic weight that helped me become truly creative. I want to project this

When I help somebody there is no energetic weight associated with the actions I take. If I help you, do not pay me. The goal is to realign people to get the help they’ve been looking for without having to ask, or pay for it

That’s how things work naturally and it’s corruption that has led people to think otherwise

A lions gotta have milk

I don’t follow politics and stay as far away from drama as possible. I just like to have fun and help others realize how much fun they can have, I’m kind of a pro. So much has been demonized in the last few years, I think it’s time to put end to that

CONTROL = misery = it’s not just horrible

It’s an education. It’s a training. It’s hypnotic. It’s literal. It’s clear as day. It’s oblivious as can be. It has nothing to do with me. It has nothing to do with you. It is someone else agenda and we are victim to their agenda

HIPPIES = rule!

It’s who I am, I see so many people who’ve been told so many times to love something they’ve forgotten how to. That makes my heart hurt so fucking much

You cannot be told what to love, it does not work that way

I think that should do the trick. I am sure of what happened to people. I have been for a very long time. That’s why this is so much fun!

The business I list, I list because they are amazing. It’s that simple, they actually are the best, these are not paid ads. The business postings will probably stick around if they close because businesses like Top That, The Pub’s $5 dollar burger nights, and _____________ were amazing. We could use a new frozen yogurt place in Durango and a bowling alley

Of course if someone that knows you wants to pay me that would be awwwweeeessssooommmeee. Don’t ask them for me though. That does not count

The easiest way to fly high and hit those trails harder than you ever have is stop worrying about the hiccups that present themselves while you learn to do things differently

Paving the way for all the other super heroes to get paid was part of the journey, take advantage of my ability to conquer and have fun out there!

Thank YOU!

In other words, this is the biggest THANK YOU!!! I’ve been able to come up with, so far 🙂