December 23, 2020


One of the easiest manifestation techniques I’ve come across is to add an affirmation that I connect with to the home screen of my phone.

You could also add a picture that illustrates what you want to receive

The more thought you tie to your intentions the more successful you are going to be. Life wants you to get what you want.

Draw it, paint it, type it, digitalize it, print it, share it, express it, articulate it, sign it, write it, find it, look for it and make it happen! However works for you is the best way. As your actions become subconscious attracting what you want gets easier

Be intentional!

Focus on what you want not what others have told you want.

Life is all about perspective and there are always infinite perspectives. What’s kind in one persons eyes may be malicious in an others. Life is better when you trust your instincts and stop worrying about what other people think. If you need help connecting with this ability ask for it! The easiest way to ask for help is to ask however you think will work.

Just thinking to yourself will do the trick, asking a specific spiritual guardian can also be very powerful. It’s been fun for me to practice this technique while learning to get better at the sports I’ve loved. At times it’s almost like talking directly with an angel and the suggestions I receive are incredible

When you do it enough it

w i ll

blow your mind 🙂

Positive Affirmations can be great tools in creating and attracting what you want

It’s easy to practice attracting what you want with ease by setting an intention and directing your reality with prayer.

I’d suggest locking your intention in and then letting fun be your driving force

When you project from a kind or happy state of mind that vibes tends to amplify and come right back to you

If you find yourself scared by what you are manifesting, ask the universe to be more gentle with you!

Lighten up your world!

T here

is no need for weight!

The universe says you get what you want, when you want : )


What you want is up to you!

If you find yourself not knowing what you want, let yourself spend time figuring out what you want.

It can be fun!

Consciously look for passions and hobbies

Find yourself and find more of what you love!

When your subconscious and conscious mind are tuned to what you want,


what you want happens effortlessly

Other powerful tools can be setting an


thinking to yourself

‘Please Help, Thank You’ and flowing.

Another term for flowing would be ‘letting the Universe to the work’.

You can be specific with what you want help with. For example, if you want to attract more people in your life that are kind, you could set the intention of attracting kind people and be specific with your prayer ‘Please help me attract kind people in my life.’

Another way to use the technique would be to be broad. With the same intention of attracting kind people you could be less specific with the prayer. You could think about attracting people that are kind. As you think about attracting kind people let the image evolve in your mind. Then as you think to yourself ‘Please Help Thank You’, focus on what it looks and feels like to have kind people in your life.

When I started trying to consciously manifest what I wanted, I would get distracted focusing on relatively insignificant events, and had to let go of focusing on specific interactions and events. Shifting my focus towards letting the magic happen, and having faith that I would receive what I asking for was a game changer.

Thinking of yourself floating down a peaceful river that takes you where you want to go

, may help you


with that concept

When you let the universe do the work, manifesting happens with ease

Watching yourself manifest can be like


a movie.

The best part is that you have been manifesting your whole life.

Letting the amazing ability flow right back to you may be the trickiest part.

The more you allow yourself to attract,

receive and

create what you want,

the less effort it takes to manifest what you want

The following books were pretty helpful for me to learn how to manifest what I wanted with ease!

The way I learned the most was figuring out how to manifest on my own. Others truths can be helpful. However an other’s truth is never yours.

I had to break free from the heard


define my own path. Creativity became something I’d never imagined could exist and the life I was watching became a very, very good one

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