March 3, 2022

About The Durango Guide

I’ve always been strong

I’m that guy who hasn’t played a competitive sport since I was in middle school. I fly past the pros on an uphill mountain bike climb and often start my gym workouts with a warmup consisting of 30 reps and 300 pounds. I’m like the mexi lager dude but real

After college I taught myself to code

I’ve always had the intention to own businesses and I want to do it well. I found educating myself the real way, through immersion, was the way to get there.

Invest in me!

In most ways this website is not about me, but in some ways it is. Durango played a huge role in freeing me from the dependent lifestyle I was raised in. After I ditched the college, the real fun began. I was a raft guide for years and during that time I camped on a different 4×4 road every night and lived like a king. Almost every experience I had during that time was amazing. Of course I thought everyone else was living it up like I was.

They weren’t. It was around that time that I started to notice the culture of Durango declining. The people shifted from fun and relaxed to uptight and controlling.

People were becoming more and more consumed with concepts of control. Cultural trends I often associate with suburban life started to appear in Durango.

Everything about it was wrong!

The city started implementing horrible concepts and throwing out ideas that could very easily crash our economy. They made it illegal to sit on the sidewalks of our friendly mountain town because so many of the people in Durango didn’t want the a certain demographic to exist. There aren’t even that many homeless people in Durango

The majority of residents were hyper focused on that carrot right in front of their face and doing whatever they could to chase it. Of course when they chase the carrot, others tell them their doing a good job

It’s sad to watch that ego grow

They start putting themselves at risk instead of enjoying the amazing area. I cringe when I see someone idolize a three-job lifestyle and listen to the stories of their friends doing amazing things. The hate laced into their speech is more taxing than you can imagine

Watching large numbers of people perform unnecessary services, for paychecks worth far less than what they are capable of receiving, has been tough for me on the soul level. There are many things wrong about this. When someone is misled and distracted away from themselves lots of loss can occur

I’ve spent years trying to figure it out. I’ve been targeted by a few of the people working way to hard. This was interesting to me because I tried to directly help them live a free life, filled with fun.

It’s a strange dynamic. The isolation they create makes life less fun

Within that tangled dynamic, it’s common for someone to ask you to do part of their job when you pay for their services. People are energetically weighed down by their jobs and it’s common for them to share that burden with their customers

Work Less

The expectations of an obnoxious employer are never your responsibility.

Life sucks when you work to hard. You miss out on so much. Find a path where life works for you!

If you find yourself struggling with two faced hate I’ve found the best approach is direct attention to the fact that person is hating and then connect yourself with your natural flow. If you’ve been sold a life of enslavement as ‘the best life ever’ it may take a while to disconnect from that lie.

As you connect with your true path life will get easier and more fulfilling

Don’t let yourself loose yourself while you are trying to retire. Finding out that by the time you are ‘ready’ to retire, you can’t do any of the stuff you dreamed of, would be the worst realization I can think of. The unfortunate truth of the many who are currently facing this future is that they are so distracted, because of their job, they don’t even realize that they’ve lost touch with those they love

A lonely life is not a fun one. Learn to love and if you hear love being demonized, note it. When love is demonized, anyone that is exposed to the destructive concepts is the victim of an attack

There are many ways I’ve seen this done. One of the clearer attacks I’ve seen was when the city put up traffic control signs typically used to inform citizens of road conditions and used them to manipulate the population, using lack and fear. The signs displayed a message that said ‘do your part’

A message that seems harmless can be laced with two faced hate. With this example the city was asking all residents to shift their focus away from their own well being and demanding that residents try to control things they couldn’t control and had no business trying to control. The creepy message also indicates lack. They were indirectly saying people hadn’t been doing what they were supposed to do. In life their are no ‘supposed to’s’ and when someone tries to control your actions using expectations, or any other technique, things get messy!

This was scary to me because it went relatively unnoticed

I want you to speak up

It's TIME! 10+years Let's FLY! How to get to heaven!