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Durango is awesome because the closest big city is 3 hours a way, wild animals still thrive and the outdoor opportunities are incredible. If you feel like you have to work for a living and you live in Durango, you are doing it wrong. The best way to be a great at proffesional type jobs is to get experience. Go work in a big city if thats your goal. The volume just isnt there in Durango and thats a great thing. New years resolution be a perma vacationaire

Land feet first, flow quickly and huck that next drop. Often making life work for you is like learning to let the river do the work. But sometimes it's just way more fun to spin the boat off that rock, close your eyes and find yourself in the air

If your inside job trained you to forget what life's about, think to me! I love to help people connect with their natural flows

One of my favorite spiritual teachers is Ganesha

Ganesha is the goddess of wealth and wisdom

In addition to helping people reconnect with naturally abundant selves Ganesha also protects people from volcanoes

Fear is corruption. If you are ever afraid of spirituality, respect yourself. When it's a good time for you to increase your spiritual abilities and connection, you will naturally embrace the opportunities that present themselves. One of my guiding factors with spirituality is if it's not fun, it's not worth doing. This is true with money too. If you don't love the work you do, you are doing a disservice and this will be reflected financially. Don't be hard on yourself if you don't like what you do. Look for new passions, connect with the people in your life and let yourself flow to where you feel amazing. For some, life is about working. That's not true for me

I like to ski, I don't like to wait in lines and wasting my time making someone else money is never something I've been interested in. I got ripped off for years before I figured out the flow that worked for me

If you want to connect with Ganesha just ask her for help like you'd ask Jesus, or think to her like you'd think to a squirrel in the forest. There is nothing scary about spirituality, some people are very scared of spirituality. The alignment God creates can be surprising, synchronicities have caught me off guard plenty of times. Ganesha, and a whole fleet of forest creatures, connected me with Jesus. They worked hard to teach me how to amplify the connections others have with Christ. The forest creatures always reminded me that they wanted to help me and that helping me was not hard for them to do at all. In different realms things work differently and helping us is effortless. Ganesha specializes in abundance. Almost everything I learned about Ganesha came from the psychic plane. Ganesha was one of the first energetic beings I ever saw, she is very loving and also loves to nurture people back to health

Natural health always exists, let your body remember how to heal!

Nurture yourself and the people around you.

Rediscover the word nurture and find new meanings

Connect, turn off your phone, remember there’s nothing social about the internet.

Book your trip ahead of time, or make the vacation spontaneous. Personally I'd wait until you get there to book anything and do everything in person. Technological addictions are at an all time high and when you let the addiction go, you see beyond the limitations you've been trained to take on. If your experience over the last few years has been anything like mine, you attention has been constantly diverted and you've been distracted far more than you are aware of

Keep that phone off the whole trip and pay close attention to how you feel. Go out in the wilderness the first time you get the chance and (de)com+press

Let your intuition show you your favorite places and wake your mind back up. Way, way, way to many people are tranced out of their fucking minds. If you'd like me to help you with that, think to me! I love to teach people how to be more psychic and learn to use their spiritual gifts

Durango, Colorado is a great place to embrace your spirituality!

If you see a heard of deer sitting in a field, go sit with them.... and tell them Ian says hi! If you haven't talked with wild animals before it's all about putting out the psychic energy... and respecting them the way they expect. Just think to them, just like you'd think to me. They LOVE to connect with people

Have fun!

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