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Affirmations are powerful and when they come from within you… and not some other author, they are that much more powerful. Don’t be afraid to turn off the clock, think full circle

My approach is completely hands off, when I do energetic healing it’s all about connecting you with your more nurturing self. Creating a flow that you love and that lasts for as long as you want it to is the goal

If you are interested in having energy healing done all you have to do is ask any of your spiritual guardians for help through prayer. You actually never have to talk to me or even know my name

Have fun!

and figure out what you’ve been missing out on

My websites are like a novel, available to everyone via www.Raft.Photography Keep in mind a common thing people do is project their own thought processes on the world around them



o u

a r e

g a m e !

Free the world with me and have fun doing it


This is a game you can play anywhere!

If you are not feeling limited I want you to amplify the forces that empower you!

As you can tell by my ability to lift that weight, I am much more powerful than people want to believe

its a mystery Ive learmed to spend no energy figurying out

I created this game so people could break free from whatever’s been limiting them. I’ve always found the beauty within ignorance to be boring. I ask you to be as kind and creative as you play. Be the bigger person if someone in your community tries to turn you into their eternal victim using inflation. Preparing yourself to receive the instant you pass go may be how you will make the most money. Fear and greed are not part of this game

One last hint before I check into my world. Stay away from 


People that have been manipulated by politicians often struggle to thrive. Its just how it goes. When all your energy goes to something external, all your energy goes to something external

Some people are great at what they do!

Taking the chance to reward the amazing people that pop up in your life will build you up

Connect with me, if you think I’m talking to you, I probably am

Thank YOU!

Instead of watching people thrive, I want you to thrive!

After the movie is over I’d suggest turning off the tv and howling at the moon. Next find your spirit guides and figure out what game I’m trying to get you to play

The most effective marketing technique I’ve found is to draw attention to the artistic flow of the universe

As you market my websites with me, I want you to watch closely as you attract your angels

Connect >>> with [your]angels!

Challenge yourself and amplify the love you’ve been looking for

Many of the inspirational people that I’ve found are complete strangers to me. I think it’s fun that way because a natural boundary exists that leads us to co-exist without meshing together. Knowing that I wouldn’t accidentally steal the work that they create is important to me

Find Yours!

Enlightenment, money, money, money, and some really good food, are the

intended direct effect of my sites. I feel I must also clarify that you may become an olympic level athlete… if it’s in your cards

It’s always perfect timing to turn off the clock

Vacations are the best time to let loose!

Where to stay

Create a scene straight out of a movie, push yourself, make people laugh and fill their world with love!Use projection and reflection to wake up the people in your life! Life is way more fun when everyone knows how to play. Let fun be your driving force and love be your steering wheel. Be as creative and loving as possible while you market my website with me!

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I dont think you’d believe me if I told you that this website has been brought to you by the railroad crew from the 1800’s but thats ok!
The truth is it was never about Durango, that's why I cleared it up for you!