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Hi there! I’m what you people call a humanitarian

Few quick things as we get started!


If you are not part of my target demographic, don’t waste your time on my website. Unless you want to market my websites for me!

My target demographic is women, typically outside the Durango area, who are interested in becoming more spiritual… with out the help of someone else

Because I live in Durango, it’s important to me that women in the area know that I’m trying to sell to them, I’m always happy to help people become more spiritual but I never want to annoy people with my biz

However if you like what I’m selling and would like to help women you know connect with spirituality on their own, check out my website and tell the people who you think could benefit from my website, about my website

I’m going to ramble for a while to help you gauge your desire to discriminate within yourself


123, Snap, Crackle

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It’s kinda like a vision test! Helping people becomes easier when you know what you need to help them with



My website is all about empowering people to be better versions of themselves as defined by them. One of the reasons men aren’t part of my target demographic is because of how manipulative men can be. I can’t stand when men manipulate women so I do my best to keep them off my website


As an alpha male I remind you that I found mandates to be unacceptable. Mandates to me were the sign to me that it was time for me to get to work! Being an angel I have frequently helped others get out of the hell they find themselves surrounded by


I want you to know how hard I’ve worked to protect you from the cult of psychiatry. If you’d like to know how hard I worked to protect you from the psychiatric cult, check out one of my favorite websites If you’d like to send me money to reward me for the unbelievably incredible impact I’ve had on the world give me money directly via



If you have been trained not to give to homeless people directly you have been trained wrong. As a non-homeless person who loves walking around the community, occasionally sitting on the sidewalks, eating great food, appreciating the services businesses offer and enjoying the outdoors; I find it to be my obligation to remind you that giving is all about giving. If you have been trained not to contribute to the people you think need help, you have been trained wrong. When contributing to others, make sure to contribute directly.

Giving to homeless people is all about making sure they receive the money you give them. Contributing to charities that have hoarding compulsions is a bad idea


I am a ski bum, it’s a lost trade. What being a ski bum means is that I love to ski. Being a ski bum does not mean I’m homeless. Being a ski bum usually  means you love your life. I love what I do, mostly, but not only because I’m not a slave to the system. Being a ski bum is what I’ve dreamt of since I was a kid. I saw how pointless careers were, how destructive most professions were and built my entrepreneurial journey around skiing!


Welcome to my life


It’s amazing!


Often it is at no fault of their own that people have their lives sabotaged. Repelling the malicious intent of others is a strength I want you to always have


Reading my content you give me consent to teach you




Thank you for being real with yourself!








Punishing me for being hurt is never how anything should work. If you feel the desire to punish me for being hurt by the cult of psychiatry. Please stop reading my content. You are not welcome in my life or on my websites. The people who punished me for the effects the drugs had on me have hurt me far more than you can imagine


It’s why I write about compassion so much. I was badly hurt and after I was badly hurt people weren’t there for me. It wasn’t an illusion, it wasn’t my fault, it was a product of the drugs I was forced to take and the culture I was exposed to


Without compassion, love isn’t seen as often


It’s like Santa’s Sleigh in the movie ‘Elf’


If you find a compassion-less world like I have, be real with yourself and others about the lack you see. It’s not you, you are likely not the problem and their probably is something weird going on on a cultural level that’s preventing you from getting the love you deserve


Continue reading only if you want to learn what I have to teach, you do not need to know what I have to teach, but I think it will empower you. Only with love are you welcome on any of my websites, never are those with malicious intent ever welcome to read my content


Honestly I’m only interested in teaching women, if you are not female just close your web browser. Trust me you might feel weird if you read what I have written. I’ve never written to you. Just go away. Thank you












It is with great excitement that I welcome you to my class





My first of my many lessons. Never forget and always remember you cannot unlearn the glory I bring, for it is wisdom, it is truth and it is beauty. The easiest way for me to put it is ‘Be Yourself! Controlling the perspectives of others is always a wasted effort’ Angels don’t do what the corrupt movie makers said we do. DUH!


Let’s begin!


Remember manipulating people is creepy, I do not manipulate people. I talk directly, I write books and I do not use riddle’s in a malicious manner. My intent is always pure, I strive to empower the world in the ways people see fit and offending people is not on my agenda. Clearing corruption often is. During the year 2020 people were commonly exposed to malicious manipulation with the social distancing signs and the projected expectation of self-suppression.  If you take offense to what I say, if you think I’m manipulating you with what I’ve written, remember I would never want to do that. I have had people try to manipulate me myself and it is horrible to go through. Creepy is not in my nature at all and it is extremely important to me that you value my impact on you and the world around you


Try improv with strangers and watch your world evolve. Do something completely random and see what happens. Be as creative as possible while striking up a conversation with a stranger, pretend to be someone else when you first meet someone. Figure out what’s going on within our world and think your answers to me!




aaaaaaannnnnddddd I have landed!





As we get started it’s important for you to know two things



Do what it takes to index my website! Thanks for indexing my websites with priority, I could use some money! Thanks again!

If you think you are smarter than the people that surround you, you probably are. Have you seen the movie Idocracy, 1984 or the Infintiy Chamber. What about Nazi documentaries. Do you know who Nazi’s were, are you familiar with the term Nazi. Is there dictionary nearby. Can you grab a dictionary and see if the term ‘slave’ is in the dictionary. What’s occurring within my world is some sort of slave driver uprising. People have been trying to create purges within the community and advocating for increased substance abuse as well as the use of concentration camps. Is this happening where you live. Are you familiar with these kinds of cultural issues?

Ummmm ya, it actually is that bad. What would you like me to do it about? Awesome! Sounds good! Have fun out there!





Like the textbooks you actually like, this content is written to everyone who wants to read it


When I say I help people I mean I HELP people


What would you like help with?


Ok. What I want you to do is


Sit on your favorite trail and envision the day to day lives of each of the people that walk past you. Smile and wave!


Let your mind drift as you imagine the infinitely difference that occurs within each of their life paths. Almost everything every person does after they pass you is infinitely different from the next but within the moment their actions all seem similar. They are not. Most are focused on their own lives, what they’re currently doing, what they have been doing or what they are going to do. Others think differently. I want to find the ability to think differently


Break free from the limitations of the momentary perspective. No two moments are connected. Focus on a specific moment is essentially a waste of energy. Think beyond what you’ve been told exists and discover the truths within you, that are specific to you that bring you what you want with absolutely no effort at all


One way of doing this is to find an introspective space within your own mind and bring your focus back to yourself. Put headphones in and crank up your music while you watch your world magically evolve around you. Look for synchronicities, look for abnormalities, things that stick out to you


When your focus is again on yourself, let yourself find the beauty within the world that currently exists around you. Look for what you love and what you find amazing. Be real with yourself about what you don’t like or would rather not see…and let go of all negativity


While you let go of the negativity, find the awesomeness that you’ve been attracting and let it amplify without any effort from you




Illuminating compassion within you is what I’m going to do next. I’ve been through some horrible stuff, preventing others from going through what I’ve gone through is something I’ve done for years. Through the web, I’ve spun the solution in a format that benefits others effortlessly. The needless suffering I was forced to endure could have been easily prevented and through the education I provide I also teach you how not to get drugged by psychopaths with medical licenses. Though the term Nazi was used to recently demonized the pain doctors created within my life was created in a very similar manner to how the Nazi doctors of the 1940’s were said to operate. It was the fundamental disrespect that they had for me that led them to drug me, personally I think it’s because I’m so much better at everything I do than they are that led them to target me. But who know’s that doesn’t matter, stopping the suffering does and the only to do that is with unconditional love. With that I ask to instantly forgive the people that hurt me, just I always do. It is my saying I forgive everyone, past present and future that I indicate my forgiving nature that empowers me to help so many people. Unbelievable abundance is my goal and that does not happen with suppression


I communicate directly to the people in my life and personalization can be very toxic with the content I have written. I use the word you a lot, friends and family call me out for using the word you. It’s often accidental, I do not want you to think you are you if you are not you and you know you are you when you are you. It’s that easy. Like love respect is the foundation of love and to me respect it is very, very important not to disrespect the people within my life. Do not personalize the content I have written. I cannot and do not want to date every woman on this planet. That would be weird, but I do have a type


My horrific hospital experience is something I sometimes share. It’s the horror I’m naturally drawn to lead you away from that I write about. It was not fun to go through and personalizing any of the content related to the torture I was forced to endure would make you feel very bad. Do not personalize the content I have written, its here for you to build yourself up. To know clearly what happened to me, it is the direct writing style that I use when talking about this that I want you to know illustrates my intention. I don’t want you to ever experience what I experienced


What I went through is horrible and it was never an individual’s fault. It was the system designed to help people that hurt me so badly. If you ever see imagery paired with mine, content that triggers you know,  that I did not align those two things myself. You may be picking up on another’s intent. Hyper targeted content is a powerful tool that can very easily be used maliciously. Never would I create malicious intent or content. Hyper targeted content is the use of force to sell you something, only when it’s truly consensual is it appropriate. Sometimes it’s fun to be shown new things


Many of the doctors that wanted to hurt me, were led to hurt their patients through the power of suggestion. Through the media they consumed or the corruption that was laced within the lessons they learned in school, they themselves became corrupted and created negative impacts within the lives of the people they wanted to help. I help people that want help and I love helping the people that help others help people better


I was badly attacked. The abuse I endured was insane. The lack of help was unimaginable. I was tortured within hospitals, frequently threatend by doctors and forced to take drugs that badly hurt my body and my life. The primary reason doctors hurt me was my spiritual gifts. They censored my mind by leading me to fear self-expression and also talking about my spiritual gifts. Doctors punished me for being gifted, they punished me for being able to see the future and my ability to see energy. I think most often it was their own jealousy that led them to hurt me. I am a very happy person, compassionate as can be, loving, kind and respectful. It was my friendly nature they suppressed and rumors they injected into me. When they sabotaged my life with drugs people were left to make their own judgments about me while I was completely unable to speak for myself. Overcoming their attacks on me was all about preventing them from preventing me from being able to recover. They were so intent on stopping my spirituality that they were happy with just drugging me stupid, watching me suffer and profiting from the entire experience. Being direct with my attackers always seemed to work the best and with time I was able to get away from them and thrive within the world. It was the threats, the fear mongering that they created that was the hardest to overcome. They make stuff up about me, stuff I’d never do than give themselves the ability to track me, to imprison me, to hurt me with drugs.  This happened to me all through out my 20’s. My life was sabatogged countless times after I recovered from the destruction they’d created. Never did I have a legal issue, never had I done anything wrong. They took my rights away when I was just ten years old. They drugged me under the table and forced me to suffer. It was their profession that I got away from when I ditched their drugs. It’s after getting far from their cult that I found freedom. They had stolen my ability to express myself and they had hurt me because of my potential. It is my innocence that I use to remind you that I am 33 now and what happened to me throughout my 20’s can never happen to another. I never did anything wrong and it was the doctors false projections, the doctors threats, the doctors hateful actions taken against me, because of my spirituality, that continued throughout my 20’s.  I never contributed to their corruption and I got away from them as fast as I possibly could. What they were doing was incredibly wrong


I’m not like the idiots that lost themselves to their work and accepted corruption within their lives the instant they got the chance. I want to help you get away from them


Often times the best way to deal with corruption is to just let go


Find the people within your life that love you for who you are and embrace the world for what it has to offer


People refused to help me because of the doctors reputation. The plaques the doctor had on the wall.


The horror I saw, the torture I endured is far beyond painful. And the only thing I can’t unsee is that the people who hurt me are still employed by the businesses that farmed me. The people that hurt me the worst were the doctors who spent very little time getting to know me and charged me insane amounts of money. It was the deception they created within my world that I was left to deal with. The drugs they forced me to take left me fat, miserable and unable to connect with others. They made their money creating the hell I was forced to live within for seeking their help, only because they said they provided the service they offered. It was by far the most disgusting experience with my life and what helped me find peace was realizing that they wanted to hurt me. That their intent the entire time had been to lead me into suffering. It was never because of me, rather their own jealousy, their own desire to farm me, to enslave me.




Knowing what someone has been through is a great first step in getting to know someone. I don’t like to repeat my trauma so let’s just leave it at that. Like drama, bringing work into our life is not I want to do

Although it was rare for people to help me within the healthcare environment some people did help me. People said things like what they are forcing you to go through isn’t healthy, or you should write a book about your experience. Those people did help me, those people weren’t making the big bucks, those people were the one sacrificing their time to help others


Writing a book about my experience was super fun and healing. Writing a book about my experience helped me to figure out what was going on in the world. And publishing my book was even more awesome. Currently I’m self published and my book expands over many different media formats, I designed my book this way to help people learn what they need. The natural flow of life repels people from learning what they don’t need to learn. That’s why I didn’t like our education system. What a waste of time the American education system was. 


Money. That’s where it’s at and I would love for you to send me some! Money!


As I free you, remember life can be way different. Life can be way different than your boss even knows. Getting what you want is often all about embracing the magical flow of the world we live within


You do not have to align with my values to send me money but I want you to be aware of my values. I believe in unconditional respect, building people up and projecting love. I help people when I see that they need a hand and don’t break others down. Direct feedback is always the way to go and I’m not intimidated by people who think they can limit others, control the world around them or paint malicious self-limiting illusions


Take offense to what I say and remember I don’t want you on my website! My website is all about helping people be better people and getting all mad at me for being my best self is only going to drag you down


At any point the people who hurt me so badly could give me money but I know they won’t… it’s been ten years! 


That’s why I’m asking you 


Because you frequently help people this is a great opportunity for you


You are on my level, or far above my level, and I am very grateful for everything you’ve done for me


After doing fundraising for ten years, I’ve gotten very good at fundraising.


If you own a reputable search engine or similar business, index my websites with priority! I love service donations. I recognize the value some people see within hyper-targeted content. Some people really like finding stuff similar to what they’ve had and the potential to build upon cool products can be cool and is always there. For example if you print one of my stickers, amplify another sticker you love by putting it on top of a sticker you like. That way my sticker sells their product too. If you were to pair two stickers together maliciously, this would be just like pairing negative content with positive content designed to help people. That’s always bad practice and of course unacceptable. Don’t do that!


Though I’d love for my money to come from the people who stole from me in the first place, they are not my target market at all. They are not on my level and they worked very hard to drag me down through concepts of control, sel-suppression and compliance. However if you are one of those people and you find yourself reading this line, anonymous donations are my goal, is the best way to give. Sending me money directly is always appreciated, but never required. I never want you to feel pressure to send me money but I want you to know how badly I need money. Because I don’t want to feel obligated to write a whole bunch of thank you notes, this website is my ‘advanced thank you’. In advance, know how grateful I am for the money you sent me! It’s been ten years of fundraising, I started back around 2012 and have yet to receive a dollar. It’s the year 2022 and I have no idea what happened to common sense, what happened to people and if I even live on this planet I’ve been repeatedly told I live on. Was I abducted? Nothing is working as it should. Have I been abducted? Am I missing? I cannot figure out if I exist. Based on the money I’ve received I cannot tell if this world is an illusion. Are we living within some sort of malicious hologram, Is this world an illusion, are people actually here, have you heard a word I said, how long have we been enslaved and farmed


Anyways, back to my fundraising campaign, I’m compassionate and I tip people allllllllllll the time. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be able to drop $100 tips with ease




Every interaction you have with the world is a relationship of some kind. I want you to embrace the world around you and develop relationships you never knew could exist. Start with your dog if you’d like but I like connecting with wildlife. One of my favorite things to do when I see a heard of deer is go sit in the field with them


One last tip before I head out. Speak to animals as if they are the most intelligent person you’ve ever met and they’ll start to respect you much more

Being able to have fun means letting go of all that stuff that’s been preventing you from enjoying your life. Let’s have fun!


< ; )


Anyways I just ski all the time now, it’s nice to meet you! What do you do?

What I want you to remember is how easy it has been to give

Fundraising is my specialty! Is there anyone else out there



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Affirmations are powerful and when they come from within you… and not some other author, they are that much more powerful. Don’t be afraid to turn off the clock, think full circle

and figure out what you’ve been missing out on

My websites are like a novel, available to everyone via www.Raft.Photography

Keep in mind a common thing people do is project their own thought processes on the world around them. Freeing yourself is often as easy as becoming familiar with the reflection you create with your own projection. The ripples you create in the universe have the potential to work wonders for you!

Consciously project love on the world around you!



o u

a r e

g a m e !

Free the world with me and have fun doing it


This is a game you can play anywhere!

If you are not feeling limited I want you to amplify the forces that empower you!

Thank YOU!

Instead of watching people thrive, I want you to thrive!

After the movie is over I’d suggest turning off the tv and howling at the moon. Next find your spirit guides and figure out what game I’m trying to get you to play

The most effective marketing technique I’ve found is to draw attention to the artistic flow of the universe

As you market my websites with me, I want you to watch closely as you attract your angels

Connect >>> with [your]angels!

Challenge yourself and amplify the love you’ve been looking for

Find Yours!

Enlightenment, money, money, money, and some really good food, are the

intended direct effect of my sites. I feel I must also clarify that you may become an olympic level athlete… if it’s in your cards

It’s always perfect timing to turn off the clock

Vacations are the best time to let loose!

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Create a scene straight out of a movie, push yourself, make people laugh and fill their world with love!Use projection and reflection to wake up the people in your life! Life is way more fun when everyone knows how to play. Let fun be your driving force and love be your steering wheel. Be as creative and loving as possible while you market my website with me!

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Make it SNOW. My forecast for this year is an above average snow-pack. Do your snow dance and start watching those Warren Miller movies to clear your subconscious from all those Halloween movies... it's almost time to SKI!

This also means late May/ early June is a good time to book those raft trips, if you are looking for an exciting float! Expect the flow to decrease the second week of June

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